Shift, the game

We live in a world of rapid technological advances, changing customer behaviour, rising user expectations, and shifting industries.

All of this can make innovation seem like a daunting task. It shouldn't be. That's why we have created Shift. You can use it to come up with new products or services, or to improve existing ones.

We really hope you enjoy it.

What is Shift?

Shift is a physical card game (beautifully designed by Niels Dewelde). It consist of 75 cards and some how-to-plays.
Simply put: it's a hand-picked deck of companies doing awesome digital stuff, new & exciting technologies, and significant shifts in user behaviour & business models.

Within the design thinking process, it's meant to be a toolkit to help people explore possibilities and generate a large number of ideas.

How to Shift?

There's a few ways you can play Shift. However, it's designed to be played without a set of fixed rules.

The two main ways to play:
Generate a large number of new product or service ideas by creating as many mash-ups as possible. Volume is key. A lot of ideas might seem far-fetched, but might make sense once you tone them down just a little.

Fun tip: give your ideas a cool name and write a headline.
Here, you improve upon an existing product & service. Each card has a score, based on the Google HEART framework. Choose an area to improve upon (like Adoption or Engagement) and boost your business by borrowing from the examples.

Some bonus modes:
Our brains, just like the rest of our bodies, need a warm up too. Use Shift as an energizer to get in the right mindset. Pick a Company card, and a Technology or Trend card. Pretend you're the new VP at that company, and try to think of a way to include that technology or trend.

Don't sweat it. Just say the first thing that comes to mind.
If you're going to present your grand idea to the board, you need a compelling story. Use the cards as inspiration for your presentation. What trends are you catering to? What technologies will you use? What examples lead the way?

Pro tip: use the cards as placeholders for your slidedeck, use post-it for your other slides.

Sounds good?

Contact me, or order copies throught the In The Pocket website.